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Placenta Services


Heard the buzz about placenta encapsulation? Wondering if it's for you? You're in the right place, my dear! Placenta encapsulation is an ancient practice engineered for the modern family in a safe and clean environment. 

 Planning an epidural, natural or a cesarean birth? You can do placenta encapsulation no matter your birth plan!

My passion is making placenta encapsulation available to women from all walks of life so they can benefit from their own body's miraculous nutrients during the most tender time of motherhood.  

Benefits to placenta encapsulation:

-decrease in baby blues/postpartum depression

-increase of enriched breast milk

-increase in energy

-decrease in postpartum bleeding

-decrease in iron deficiency 

-decrease insomnia or sleep disorders

-decrease in postpartum night sweats


Recommended dosage for placenta pills: (please follow the directions of your encapsulator, these are the exclusive directions for NYAH clients):

Take two capsules twice a day for two weeks, and then take one capsule twice a day until the pills are gone. Increase as needed for fatigue or emotional state. Pills should be stored in a cool, dry place or in the fridge.