It all started when...I had a baby...

Hi! My name is Kaitlin (my friends call me "KK") and I'm so honored you've discovered my little nook on the web. If you're here, I'm assuming you're considering placenta encapsulation services and I'm thrilled you are. Here's a little about me and my journey and please drop me a line and tell me a little about you and yours... 

I am a work-at-home-mama to my beloved son, Sawyer, and together with my rockstar husband Andy, we live in Loudoun County, VA. Pre-Sawyer I was a mental health counselor who personally suffered from depression and anxiety; these ailments only plagued me deeper as pregnancy,  birth, and motherhood continued...

My journey became a pinnacle in my life as I turned to holistic measures to treat and manage my own issues. As I learned about the miraculous power of nature to help mothers during this vulnerable time in their lives, I decided to marry the concepts together...and hence, Not Your Average Hippie Placenta Services was born. You see, I originally thought placenta encapsulation was for people who only birthed in the woods next to Bambi and had goats out back they milked everyday. (That actually sounds lovely, it's just not personally who I am.) And then I did my trusty research and realized just how wrong I was.

Placenta encapsulation is for any women that's looking for a more pleasant postpartum time. (Ummm...sign me up!) 

So here I am, two years later. 

After encapsulating over 100 placentas I feel as though I've found my calling... Helping other mothers discover their own innate healing powers during the biggest transition of their life - having a baby.

Here's a few more things you should know about me:

- My friends think I am an OCD "clean freak", and I must admit that it's very, very true; organization and clean & tidy is just who I am (this benefits you because you can feel confident that my encapsulation space is beyond 'Mr. Clean all up in here' while I'm handling your organ)

-My son Sawyer is my Sunshine and I love him so much it's difficult to even talk about him without tearing up in the best way

-Speaking of tearing up, I cry at just about anything, even really bad reality TV...have you seen the latest Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?!!

-My favorite stores are Free People and Anthropologie and you can frequently catch me perusing their stores and sites wishing I was mega loaded and could buy all-the-pretty-things

- Prosecco is my fave when I'm with my girlfriends and I think it should be yours too ;)

 -I'd love to hear from you. I'm über passionate about this stage of life we call postpartum and motherhood, I'm also proud of myself for figuring out how to put those two dots on top of the "u" in über

-I co-run a local support group for Moms in Loudoun County called Loudoun Birth Circle, check us out here

-My husband Andy is my rock...but I'll never admit that his jokes are funnier than mine

"Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel."                                           

-Eleanor Brown