Wanna get on my calendar you not-so-average-hippie-mama, you?


By clicking the button above you will be taken to my placenta encapsulation agreement. If you would like to move forward with NYAH Placenta Services, please initial and sign my agreement and email it back to me @ That, along with your $50 deposit sent via PayPal to reserves your due date on my calendar.

Once you have your baby(!!):

-Please text me @ 703.307. 1273 and we can arrange for me to come pick up your placenta

-Please keep it on ice or in a fridge/chilled cooler until I can pick it up.

-If you have a member of your birth team prearranged to bring me your placenta (such as your partner or doula), please skip the delivery step but still PLEASE put the placenta on ice. This is for our mutual safety.

-Once I receive your placenta I clean the living bajeezies out of my work station like a mad woman (according to OSHA guidelines) and then proceed to clean, dehydrate and encapsulate your placenta.

-Once your placenta is in pill form and ready for you, (approximately 48-72 hours) I will text you to arrange for delivery.

-Recommended dosage directions are on my home page and will be provided with the pills as well.

-Should you ever have any questions/thoughts/concerns/wanna shower me with gifts, (I kid, I kid!), please always feel free to reach out to me @ 

I LOVE what a I do and feel it is an honor to play this small part in your birth and motherhood journey! Congrats, and cheers to newborn snuggles and a more pleasant postpartum! -kk