Testimonials from Happy Mamas

Don't take my word for it...check out these sweet things people have said about working with me.

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 "Kaitlin was amazing. She delivered my encapsulation the day we came home from the hospital and provided clear instructions on use, which was helpful since I didn't know what I was doing. In addition, she was super flexible with timing when it took longer to be discharged than expected. She's a lovely person and did an excellent job. I do feel like having my placenta encapsulated made a difference in my postpartum period. If I were having another child, I'd definitely enlist her her help again."

-Raina Keefer, mama

 "I have known Kaitlin both professionally and personally for many years and I can attest to her being one of the most awesome humans on this planet. As an encapsulator she has always been accessible, professional, insanely clean, organized, and FAST. She can turn my clients placentas around in no time. I absolutely love working with her and feel 100% confident giving my clients to her because I know they are in the best of hands. Anyone thinking of encapsulating - she is top-notch in her field. Keep rockin' on, KK,  the world needs your work!" 

-Tara Campbell Lussier, doula

"I became intrigued with placenta encapsulation before my fourth baby was born. I was very curious about the many benefits it offered and just decided to give it a shot! Kaitlin was delightful and professional from start to finish. She is extremely knowledgeable and delivers a wonderful product. I received my pills before I headed home from the hospital and started taking them right away, as instructed. They have little to no taste to them and are easy to swallow. The benefits I found were increased energy and very few night sweats and chills, which I had a lot of during previous postpartum times. I highly recommend trying placenta encapsulation especially if you have any concerns about how the postpartum transition may effect you. I would definitely do it again!

-Caroline O'Neill, Hypnobirthing Instructor